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Create Dancefloor-Destroying Tracks
pro-sounding basslines on demand
Supercharge Your Creative Process
finish double the music in half the time
Push Your Music Beyond Human Limits
access the power of cutting-edge AI
Unlimited, Fire Basslines / 808s
New AI Dragon with 30 genres of music

1. Select

Select your preferred genre style and length

2. Generate

Instantly generate a fire bassline or 808 pattern

3. Drag & Drop

Drop your new bassline straight into your project

built-in synth

with 200 factory presets loaded with macros

The secret to creating addictive tracks...

If there's one thing 99% of tracks that get no plays have in common... It's that they have an amateur-sounding drum groove.
That's because without a proven drum groove for the specific genre you're producing... People simply won't relate to your tracks.
And when people don't relate to your tracks, they won't listen to them on repeat or share with their friends.
The good news is, over 7,500 producers have now solved the drum programming mystery for good...
And are now consistently creating addictive tracks that rack in plays.
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This "smart tool" helps you produce hits

There's 3 things you need to do in order to produce hit songs:
1. Create captivating, memorable chord progressions to serve as a solid foundation for your songs
2. Create catchy, attention-grabbing melodies to hook your listeners and get your music stuck in their heads
3. Stay inspired and finish music quickly & consistently so you can skyrocket your chances of landing a hit through quantity
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